House Rules

Class Changes

Force Adept
The force talisman class skill doesn’t require the expenditure of a force point to imbue, instead it will use 50 vitality (or a character’s max vitality, whichever is lower) that can later be recovered.

The coordinate class skill can be used in combat

Tech Specialist
Creating Mastercraft items doesn’t require the spending of experience.

Rule Changes

Hyperspace Travel Time
The time taken to travel between two points in the galaxy will instead be measured on the Roll20 map, with 1000 ly = to 1 hour at x1 hyperspace speed.

Limb Loss
In the rare occurrence that a combatant threatens a critical and then confirms with another critical, this results in the destruction/loss of a limb. These rules are further explained in the Hero’s Guide book p. 126. (A change to the chart on p. 127: a roll of a one will target the face/eyes.)

House Rules

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